Dan Elborne is an artist based in Queensland, Australia. His preferred working material is clay. Primarily, Elborne creates ceramic installations, which draw from varying points of personal experience and significance. By utilising the fragile and precious nature of ceramics, he addresses sensitive historical events as well as cultural and political issues within contemporary society. Elborne’s works aim to alter the gallery environment, bringing viewers into a gentle space of contemplation and reflection.

Between 2011-13, Elborne completed a Bachelor of Creative Arts through the University of Southern Queensland (USQ). He then completed an Honours year focussed on his ceramic art practice in 2014, which resulted in first class honours.

Since 2012, Elborne has exhibited extensively within Australia; including shows at Artisan, QCA Gallery & The Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts in Brisbane, Home at 735 Gallery, Conny Dietzschold Gallery & Olsen Irwin Gallery in Sydney, as well as solo and collaborative exhibitions in Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery where his work is also part of their permanent collection (amongst several other private collections).

His work has been presented in national and international publications including Art Monthly Australia, the Journal of Australian Ceramics (JOCA) as well as an essay, written by Dr. David Akenson, focussing on his work in internationally distributed journal: Ceramics: Art and Perception.

In 2014, Elborne was selected as one of twenty Australian emerging artists to travel to Sydney during Art Month and participate in a networking event (20/20) as part of the NAB Private Wealth Emerging Artist Award. In the same year, he was awarded the Bellmaine French Appreciation Travelling Scholarship through USQ. This scholarship provided him the opportunity to plan a number of residencies, exhibitions, mentorships, and a teaching position in France during 2015.

Throughout 2015 - early 2016, Elborne participated in five artist residencies within France, Iceland and Denmark as well as exhibiting in Caen, France (La Fermeture Éclair Gallery), Vallauris, France (Le Cabanon Gallery),  Ólafsfjörður, Iceland (Listhús Gallery), & Denmark (Apple House Gallery, Skaelskor & Window 107 Gallery, Copenhagen). During his time abroad, Elborne also taught a ceramic workshop at Ateliers Fourwinds Art Centre (Aureille, France). His time overseas has resulted in circumstantial adjustments to his art practice, affording him the opportunity to extensively experiment with his chosen medium of clay, develop several large scale projects and largely extend his creative network. 

Since this time abroad, Elborne was awarded the Sainsbury Sculpture Grant 2016 through the National Association of Visual Arts (NAVA), which assisted in costs surrounding his participation in an international residency program at Shiro Oni Studio in Onishi, Japan (May - June, 2017)

Since the beginning of 2016, while continuing to exhibit nationally and internationally, Elborne has commenced further study as a Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD) candidate through USQ, where he also works as an Associate Technical Officer in the visual arts department.

For current/upcoming exhibitions and further details on professional experience, refer to 'CV'.

Background photograph by Alec Shultz.