AT REST, 2017.

Pinch/coil built recycled clay, anagama ash & copper. Individual average: 19.5 X 11.5 X 11.5cm. 2017.

At Rest was created during a six-week international artist residency at Shiro Oni Studio in Onishi, Japan.

Although related to research on visual arts’ role in memorialization and the representation of personal & collective memory: At Rest is an experimental body of work, intended to reference both time and place during the May–June residency program at Shiro Oni Studio.

At Rest presents a series of urns, which are historically embedded in the act of commemoration. Each vessel is characterized by unfamiliar making techniques and are an example of the environment in which they were made. This is via my use of local clay, new processes and a rare firing experience.

Each urn houses the remaining ash of an anagama wood firing used to permantise each vessel. The urns also contain broken pieces of my fellow resident artists’ work lost in the firing process.

Situated on the mountainside near Onishi, the anagama kiln and 5-day firing process is ancient and intensive. This series was created in anticipation of firing that particular kiln. The vessels are individually characterized by every stage of their production, and have been created as a kind of memorial to process, connection and learning.

Photography: Dan Elborne.

Background photograph by Alec Shultz.