Head Space, 2015.


Glazed terracotta, miscellaneous ceramic waste, animal bone fragments. 10.5x9x7.5cm, 2015.

Head Space was produced at an Ateliers Fourwinds Art Centre residency, Provence, France (June-July 2015).


This work is the lone result of extensive experimentation and trials during a 5-week residency at Ateliers Fourwinds, Provence, France. During this residency I dedicated most of my time to research and large scale project development, while also dedicating time to trial several non-conventional techniques.

Head Space involved the use of animal bones to house and shape a mixture of ceramic waste materials and terracotta slip. This process produces ceramic fragments that roughly map and resemble the cavities within bone. In the case of this piece, the host bone was a cow skull found at the foot of the Alpilles in Provence, which was destroyed during the firing process. This left primarily ceramic objects, infused with fragments of the original skull.

This single piece stands as the resolution to unanswered questions relating to my own use of clay, and represents a desire to better understand my chosen medium.


Photography: Dan Elborne.

Background photograph by Alec Shultz.