Small Favours

I've recently been accepted as part of the 2018 Small Favours exhibition at The Clay Studio in Philadelphia. Opening on May 6th and ending on May 27th, Small Favours brings together a range of ceramic artists via the creation of pieces at a reduced scale (with no dimension exceeding 3.75 inches). My entry is pictured below and is part of a larger, new body of work for an exhibition later this year.

To explore the work of The Clay Studio, follow this link: https://www.theclaystudio.org/  

I'm excited to be delivering the work myself in a couple of weeks as I make my way to attend NCECA 2018: One of the worlds largest ceramics focussed conferences. More news on that soon.

Fade 2.jpg

Photography: Dan Elborne.



Background photograph by Alec Shultz.