48 Hours, 24 Minutes and 15 Seconds

As a (very late) follow up to my previous ‘news’ post, the project that had the development title ‘To Be Determined’ is now made and in the process of being fired and glazed.

As a durational performance work, I made a clay object every 40 seconds, without a break for 48 Hours, 24 Minutes and 15 Seconds. This is now the official title of the work. The purpose of this was to match the current world suicide rate for as long as I was capable.

Having made the work two months ago, I’m still sorting through the emotional weight of the whole thing. There is more to do before the pieces will be exhibited for the first time and I will try to post here more consistently. Instagram remains my primary platform for sharing what I’m up to: @danelborne.

To learn more about the work, please follow this link: http://www.danelborne.com/tbd/

For right now, here’s a time-lapse showing the entire performative element of the project.

To Be Determined

Next week I'll be undertaking a durational performance for a new project with the working title To Be Determined. The work made during this performance will be first exhibited in June of 2019 as one of seven artist/social enterprise collaborations for A Fierce Hope, the keynote exhibition for Brisbane’s newest art and cultural hub Adderton: house & heart of mercy

In a nutshell, the work is being made in response to the most recent global estimate by the World Health Organization, that every 40 seconds a person dies by suicide. In light of this, the durational performance involves making a clay piece every 40 seconds, without breaks, for as long as I am capable. This is in the hope that the project raises awareness and fuels conversation.

The project is for the purpose of suicide awareness and prevention and is being made in partnership with the White Wreath Foundation: an Australian non-profit organisation working as a suicide prevention/awareness service. The primary vision of the White Wreath Association is to raise funds in order to establish Safe-haven Centres; care facilities to treat and aid those suffering mental illnesses and a place to go to for those who are suicidal. For more information on the work of the White Wreath Association, please visit and consider donation at: https://www.whitewreath.org.au/

In Alexandra Lawson Gallery, Toowoomba, I'll be starting the durational performance at 11am on Monday, September 10th, which is World Suicide Prevention Day. I'll be attempting to livestream the entire performance via Youtube at this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kCc5mjT4wHs and will also be posting regular Instagram 'stories' as the performance happens @danelborne.

For more details on the project, please follow this link to its official page: http://www.danelborne.com/tbd/

TBD process 3.jpg

Photography: Alexandra Lawson.

Ceremony webpage

There's just under a week remaining to see my latest completed body of work, Ceremony, now showing at Crows Nest Regional Art Gallery (CNRAG). See my post below for more details before it closes on August 19th.

Ceremony also now has a dedicated webpage at http://www.danelborne.com/ceremony/

Beyond being displayed in CNRAG, you can catch the work in person by contacting & visiting Alexandra Lawson Gallery, who will be housing the remaining pieces.


Photography: Theresa Hall.

Background photograph by Alec Shultz.