As of November 21st this past week, I’ve finished my Deathgate project. 1.3 million handmade pieces over 1,242 days. To know the reason for the project, please follow this link: www.danelborne.com/deathgate.

In afew days I’ll be flying over to Europe to re-visit the Auschwitz camps (that catalysed the work) and the art center in France where I started the project afew years ago. Mostly for personal reasons and curiosity, I’m heading to those places wondering if they will bring a sense of closure to something that’s been a big part of my life for a while now.

I’ll continue to write and document as I go. For right now, I mostly feel relieved that the work is done, and am excited looking ahead to showing the work for the first time next year. I’ll announce dates quite soon.


From War

Now showing at Australian Parliament House, my work Five Hundred is part of a group exhibition titled ‘From War,’ which has been curated by the Australian National Veterans Arts Museum.

The exhibition features 22 stories of veteran artists and is showing from November 9th, 2018 to February 3rd, 2019. It’s an absolute honour to be part of this one. To see more details and the exhibiting artist list, follow this link: From War.

low res 5.jpg

Photography: Grace Yu.

48 Hours, 24 Minutes and 15 Seconds

As a (very late) follow up to my previous ‘news’ post, the project that had the development title ‘To Be Determined’ is now made and in the process of being fired and glazed.

As a durational performance work, I made a clay object every 40 seconds, without a break for 48 Hours, 24 Minutes and 15 Seconds. This is now the official title of the work. The purpose of this was to match the current world suicide rate for as long as I was capable.

Having made the work two months ago, I’m still sorting through the emotional weight of the whole thing. There is more to do before the pieces will be exhibited for the first time and I will try to post here more consistently. Instagram remains my primary platform for sharing what I’m up to: @danelborne.

To learn more about the work, please follow this link: http://www.danelborne.com/tbd/

For right now, here’s a time-lapse showing the entire performative element of the project.

Background photograph by Alec Shultz.