Sacred Ground, 2015.

Handbuilt clay, glaze, gold lustre, variable dimensions (collective average 12x8x7cm), 2015.

Sacred Ground was produced at the AIR Vallauris residency program, Vallauris, southern France (May-June 2015).


Sacred Ground comprises of a range of dark natural forms sparingly speckled with gold. This series responds to the Australian governments continued disregard for the ancient relationship between Aboriginal people and their land. The careful creation of these objects, and their final setting within an art gallery seeks appreciation. I intend for their presentation and admiration to be representative of, and give an abstract perspective on Indigenous Australians’ connection to their traditional birth-lands. This allows them to stand as relics to a universal hope of change. An individual piece from the series, alongside a letter explaining the concept, was offered (and rejected) as a gift to the current Western Australian (WA) premier, Colin Barnett in protest of the proposal to forcibly close remote Indigenous communities in WA.


Photography: Dan Elborne

Background photograph by Alec Shultz.