Take and Give, 2015.

Kick wheel thrown, wood & electric fired  ceramic bowls, glaze, variable dimensions, 2015.

Take and Give is a collaborative project created as a resident artist at La Grande Maison, Caen, Lower Normandy France (March-April2015). 


Take and Give is an exhibition resolved by Lukas Richarz (France) and Dan Elborne (Australia). Viewers are encouraged to participate by taking a bowl from the installation and share in the meal presented within the space. The meal is free of charge and afterwards viewers have the option to either return or purchase the bowl itself. All money raised will go towards helping the homeless community of Caen through the Caennaise SQUAT association.

Primarily influenced by the globally recognised Empty Bowls Project, as well as Richarz’ ongoing initiative: Moment; Take and Give invites participants to contemplate the value and simple beauty of a shared meal free of financial and social constraints. The bowls themselves offer an opportunity to represent a motivation and necessity for helping those in need with something often taken for granted. Through their purchase, they become relics of a collective interest in giving.


The following gallery presents more variations of bowls I created while in Caen. 

Photography: Dan Elborne.

Background photograph by Alec Shultz.