To Be Determined (development title), 2018.

Terracotta, glaze, dimensions are to be determined.

This work is currently in development and will move into its production phase in September of 2018. The project is partnered with the White Wreath Association: Action Against Suicide. Further information follows and will be updated via this page and the 'news' page of this website.


According to the most recent global estimate by the World Health Organisation, a person dies by suicide once every 40 seconds. To Be Determined utilises this statistical estimate for producing the work. 

In performative response and using terracotta, the artist will create a handmade piece every 40 seconds, with no breaks, as a 1:1 representation of each death by suicide within the finite period of the performance. The performance period will commence on the morning of Monday, September 10th, 2018 (World Suicide Prevention Day) and carry through to the physical incapacity of the artist. The action performed within every 40 second period involves refining the edges and base of an extruded clay form , then leaving a gestural thumb impression at the peak of each piece. This results in individualised loosely-figurative objects. The eventual and official title of the completed work will be the total performative time spent by the artist in producing the work.

For the primary purpose of suicide awareness and prevention, To Be Determined results from a fleeting performance in response to an ongoing crisis. Having the creation of the work cease due to physical inability suggests that despite its production coming to an end, if capable, the creation of the objects would indefinitely continue.

The production of the work will be streamed live via Youtube. The pieces created during the performance will be first exhibited in June of 2019 as one of seven artist/social enterprise collaborations for A Fierce Hope, the keynote exhibition for Brisbane’s newest art and cultural hub Adderton: house & heart of mercyopening in June 2019.


This work is being made in partnership with the White Wreath Association: Action Against Suicide, an Australian non-profit organisation working as a suicide prevention/awareness service. The primary vision of the White Wreath Association is to raise funds in order to establish Safe-haven Centres, care facilities to treat and aid those suffering mental illnesses and a place to go to for those who are suicidal. For more information on the work of the White Wreath Association, please visit and consider donation at: https://www.whitewreath.org.au/


Background photograph by Alec Shultz.